Making a Swaddle Vest Knitted as a Side

All the details about the construction of a arson vest are in this article. Here you can find a recipe for a very comfortable knitted vest that you can knit with knitted skewers.

Materials used:
Pink baby wool, number 3 mesh skewer, Grey baby rope and button

We’re starting knitting the vest at the front. We’re throwing 25 stitches. We’re increasing 15 stitches on both sides. the total number of stitches will be 45.  We increase the collar of the vest by 20 stitches at a time. Now the number of stitches will be 65. We knit 65 nooses in the shape of 16 tooth harosha. To make the seat part of the vest, we cut 22 nooses and wew 3 tooth harosha. We’re increasing 22 stitches again. We’re knitting 16 teeth. For the sofa part of the vest, we cut 5 nooses and weweave 19 teeth. Again, we knit 16 tooth harosha by increasing 5 stitches. We’re done behind our vest.  For the arm, we cut 22 again and we knit three tooth edgings. Again, we increase 22 nodes and weweave 16 teeth for the front. We cut 20 stitches for the collar of the vest.

We leave 25 stitches by decreasing the nodes one by one from the edges. We’re opening one marrow in the middle. We knit 10 tooth harosha and open two more marrows. We finish 25 nooses by knitting 15 tooth harosha.

We’re throwing two stitches. We’re increasing the number of stitches on both sides until it’s 26. 26 nooses 13. By separating 13, we cut and knit the edges in 2 pieces. We sew the knitted heart as a chain job with a pink rope.

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