Making a Puzzle KnitBaby Blanket with velvet rope

In this article, we shared to you the creation of a puzzle knitted baby blanket made with velvet rope. It is one of the most popular models among baby blankets.

You can make handmade blankets with wool rope for the little ones. To make these blankets, you need to know some crochet and skewer knitting techniques. You can find out how they are made by browsing the narrative models we share on our page. We’ve published a lot of models before. Now we’ve shared the construction of a puzzle knit baby blanket made with skewer skewers.  I hope the making of a video-published baby blanket will help you.

Would you like to make a nice, soft blanket for your babies? Then you can make a puzzle knitted baby blanket made with velvet rope. Blanket construction 5 kade rope and 5 number skewers were used. It starts as 110 nodes and after knitting 4 teeth harosha, 5 nodes from both sides are continued until the end of the knitting as harosha.

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