Making a Popcorn HeartBaby Blanket

We continue to share knitted baby blankets with popcorn heart baby blankets. The construction of the blanket was broadcast in video.

We started sharing narrative blankets for those who wanted to make baby blankets. We share the first popcorn baby blanket. You can make these blankets that look great with their hearty motif.

We recently shared. Those who wanted to learn how to do it asked for help. We wanted to share them in a narrative. Popcorn heart baby blanket was shared for you on our site with video.

After watching the approximately 30-minute video, you’ll learn how to make a popcorn blanket. First of all, you create motifs by making hearts in the square and middle. Then you combine them to complete the blanket.

Kalpli Popcorn Bebek Battaniyesi

Popcorn Bebek Battaniyesi Örneği

Popcorn Kalpli Battaniye

Below are examples of popcorn baby blankets for you. This blanket models are taken from the instagram page. I like the models so much, I’m sure you’ll like them. It looks adorable. The blankets you’re going to make will keep your baby warm and look cute. After watching the video below, you will have detailed information about how it is done.

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