Making a Pink Embroidered Children’s Vest

The long-awaited pink embroidered children’s vest. Zekiye Alpay Dikici shared the description of the highly anticipated vest model.

The vest lady that Zekiye shared was very popular. A lot of people wanted his story. Thanks to him, he shared his detailed account. We would like to thank Zekiye, who has talked about all the details from the materials she uses to the construction of the materials she uses, as handcrafted hobbies.


Alize Hapy Baby
3 3.5 number skewers


50 stitches begin. 7 front pat, 6 straight, 1 inverted 4 straight, 1 inverted 11 straight, 1 inverted 4 straight (auger ) 1 inverted 14 straight 3 inverted during 1 harosha sequence will be installed. It’ll be 27 harosha teeth up to the arm. Six stitches on the arm will be cut. It’s going to go and cut in two stitches. There’ll be eight harosha teeth from the arm to the collar. Eight stitches are cut on the collar. And until there are 26 stitches left, it goes back and down. The total arm length will be 15 harosha teeth.

I hope you enjoy it. It seems to me that baby vests made with skewers cost more. Because every time I share the skewer baby vest, it’s liked and shared. Let’s see how much you like the pink embroidered baby vest.

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