Making a Needle Point Nazar Bead Model on the Edge of Wearing a Headscarf

We published a beautiful carving again on the subject of the construction of the needle point nazar bead model. Our site contains how this needle work is done. You can use this model on the edges of writing a headscarf.

We’ve shared a new example of a vote for those who like needle work. Our model’s name is nazar bead ingredient. This vote is done by needle. needle point is a model that can be easily done by those who know. You can decorate your handiwork such as headscarf, writing and towels with nazar beaded stalls. Apart from these, you can use it in many different areas.

For those who love nazar beaded oya, we have previously published other models of beads. Now we’re releasing the model with the needle point. If you watch the video we posted, you can learn how to make this needle point. If you like needle point and you’ve done it before, it’s a model you can do very comfortably. Let’s take a look at the construction of the needle point nazar bead ingredient that you can use for the headscarf and the writing edge.

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