Making a Narrated Princess Vest

We included the narrative description of the princess vest. The purpose of naming the vest model princess is for our little girls. If you’re going to knit vests for your daughters, you can take the pink doll ropes and start knitting right away. 3.5 number skewers were used for construction.

Prenses Yelek Yapılışı 1

rope Snowball Baby-one Skewer-3.5
Collar start 80 stitches
In a row of 4 braids, we knit until we have 9 blinds on both sides of the braid, and then we separate the arms by 50 nodes and weave them into 5 rows of harosha, but we continue to increase at the front and back.

Prenses Yelek Yapılışı 2

I’d shared the bar before, I allocated 33 stitches to the arms in front of 50 stitches, 58 stitches in the back, i threw 4k under the arm to make the arm more comfortable, after knitting the body until 17 augers, you knitted the length straight and knitted 5 rows of harosha to the end of the skirt. I can finish my total was 63 rows harosha.

Prenses Yelek Yapılışı 3

The recipe for this pink vest is taken from Umm’s Knitting House page. We thank him for this princess vest. He shared his narrative and numbers in an understandable way. If you have baby girls near you, you can knit them from this vest.

You can knit from this vest by looking at the number of ladies knitting skewers. If you don’t know and are looking for more detailed vests, you can look at the video descriptions in the category. We will continue our vest narratives both in video and in illustrated expression. Keep track of handcrafted hobbies.

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