Making a Model of Flowery Leafy Needle Patch with Straw

For those looking for different needle work, straw and needle point production have been shared on our site as video. You can use a straw for a ringed needle point.

For those who want to make new needle work, we share brand new needle work on our site. With narrative models, we help those who want to take needle work and help them learn new models. In our current sharing, we shared a video of how it works with a straw and a needle point.

In our previous writings, we shared their models. Now in our share, we have shared a video using a straw with details of the construction of the ringed needle work.

In the 13-minute video below, you’ll learn how to make a ringed needle work with a straw. By watching the video you can learn how to make this magnificent game.


Categories:   Laces, Oya Models