Making a Knitting Baby Blanket in Thessaloniki

We share the exclusion-based Thessaloniki knitting model, which is an easy model to make a knitted baby blanket. It’s a great model for making baby blankets.

Handmade knitted blankets will never lose their value. Especially the blankets made for babies are one of the most knitted knits. Many knitting techniques are also used in making baby blankets. Some of these are Tunisian work, Thessaloniki knitting and popcorn baby blanket models.

For those who like thessaloniki knitting and want to knit, we share over time. Now we’ve shared videos of a model for those looking for easy blanket making. The videos show all the details of the baby blanket made with thessaloniki knitting technique. We would like to thank our friend for the video we received from Waterlily.

In this study, I tried to include in detail the model of starting, increasing, edge frill seising and false thessaloniki. The rope I use is an acrylic rope and my shuffle is number 4.5. You can also use any rope that can be knitted with a size 4.5 skewer.




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