Making a Kitchen Chandelier from the Teapot

You can make a kitchen chandelier from the worn-out teapot that you do not use. The idea of a chandelier from a teapot for the décor of your kitchen is a great idea.

You can make kitchen chandeliers with aging or unused teapots. If you want to reveal an interesting but beautiful chandelier, you can try it. You can drill a hole under the kettle, pass the cable through it and then plug the lamp inside. You can also attach one part of the teapot lid to the top of the teapot and the other side to the handle. If you look at the pictures below, you’ll see what a beautiful chandelier it is. It can give little light in terms of light, but you can be sure it will look very good in terms of décor.

The construction of chandeliers from the bell is the project of Fatma Dursun from the recycling projects group. We can’t thank him enough for doing such a project. The chandelier he made using his imagination is very good in the kitchen.

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