Making A Harosha Knit Baby Vest

Easy baby vest construction is made with harosha knitting model. If you want to knit a vest with an easy and simple model, you can try this model.

After Roba is finished, 42 ducks 100 cut 75, 100 cut 42 knit and return to the back row. Increase 42 exides 6 stitches at the back, 75 or 6 stitches, knit a node in front of it and turn. So it’s not pre-knitted. When you come forward, knit the 6 nooses you have increased under the armpit to the harosha so that the other noose remain snares straight. After 6 stitches you have increased, take a node from the front and turn. It won’t be pre-knitted. Knit the stitches as you can in the back. This time, with a noose that you have increased alongside the 6 nooses, weave a noose from the front together, so cut and rotate. Like the hoodie or the booty structure. As you go from the front, the last noose behind you will be cut and turned with an noose in the front.

When it comes to the back, all the stitches will be straight knitted, so it’s going to fall upside down. When you return, two nodes straight dola 1 harosha, and then cut and turn a noose from the front, 1 straight and the last stitches, until there are three nodes left at the end. In this way, only the harosha stitches in front will be cut until the tire is left


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