Making a Chained Leaf Patch

Chained leaf bale for crochet seekers for towel edge. You can make a perfect vote on the edge of the towel by making chained leaves.

For those who are tired of sitting at home, we share handicrafts.  Anyone who wants to deal with things can do handicrafts. Towels, writings, fibers and more. As long as you guys want to do something. We as a hobby sitcom site will help you with this enough. Let’s get back to the subject…

This oya model, also made with toothpicks, is called a chained leaf vote. This example of the oya, which was broadcast on The Ören Lady channel, is a very nice example for towel edges. We wanted to show you the example of this vote, which was very much appreciated and interpreted by the channel’s followers.

Did you know that handcrafted hobbies are also shared on the website for towel side votes? We’ve shared dozens of narrative vote models in the towel edges category so far. Although we do not often share towel edges, we occasionally show good examples on our site. If women who want to make dowry towels are looking for votes, they can do it from the easy-chained leaf vote we’ve shared now.

Zincirli Yaprak Oyası

Hand towels, face towels and kitchen towels can make this easy and simple game model. The construction of the vote begins with a chain. Later on, it’s already in the video below.


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