Making a Bath Basket from a 5-Liter Water Bottle

You can make a basket in your bathroom with a 5-liter empty water bottle. We explained on our site how to make a bath basket using the water bottle.

We share with you the construction of a bath basket from a 5-liter water bottle shared by Zeynep Yüksel on the recycling projects page.


5-liter pet bottle
Scissors, lighter S
Silicone gun, A
Leftover fabrics, straw rope and other things you want to decorate (e.g. lace, beads)

The pet bottle is cut in half in half of the desired size. The edges are corrected by heating them with lighters. The fabric is cut long enough to entangle the mouth part of the pet bottle. Starting at one end, hot silicone is squeezed into the bottle and the fabric is slowly secured inside the bottle. And the rest is hung out. Then the wicker is tied over the rope and the ribbon is made and other optional ornaments can be added.

5 Litrelik Su Şişesinden Banyo Sepeti Yapılışı

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