Making a Backpack Model with A Very Stylish Comb rope

For knitted bag models, you’ve made a lot of demands. For you, we have prepared a very stylish comb rope backpack model.

With knitting, you can not only meet your clothing needs, but you can also complement your accessories such as bags, jewelry and buckles with great models.

Are you ready to knit the perfect backpack, which you can knit in different colors according to each outfit, from sportswear to classic clothing, to combine with all styles?

Our bag, apart from the weaves that we normally knit, is knitted not with wool yarn but by combed yarn. You will need a bag buckle, which you will get from accessories for the bag.

To complete your elegance with your bag, we recommend that you start knitting your bag as soon as possible. Don’t forget to watch the detailed description of the bag in the video below. Make it easy for all of you.

Thank you for the beautiful narration, Aysenur’s channel, youtube video. We look forward to the narration of their new models.

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