Making a Baby Cardigan with Rubber

Baby cardigan made with colored tyres. Making a baby cardigan made with colored tires compressed between the knitting in the braid model.

The tires applied to the baby cardigan made with the braid technique made the cardigan look better. You can get tyres of all colors from the oddities. If you can’t tell us what happened, if you record the picture on your phone and show it to the weirdo, he’ll know what it is and give it to you.

The baby cardigan, which belongs to the Colorful Hand Work page, is shown in the images below. For those of you who can’t read the descriptions on the pictures, we wrote them one by one. We’ve started another princess cardigan, and I think there’s going to be a fluffy beauty, happy hobbies to everyone.


92 stitches are starting. If you save and zoom in on the official phone, you’ll see the numbers more clearly.

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