Making a 3D Baby Blanket with Leaf Pattern

We shared a nice example in our article on the making of a 3D baby blanket with leaf pattern. With this model you can make knitted blankets for your babies.

If you want to heat the little ones with handcrafted blankets that you made yourself, you first need to learn knitting. You can knit baby blankets by learning about skewers and crochet. There are hundreds of narrative knitting on our site. We also shared many knitting techniques in video. You can learn to knit by taking advantage of these.

We’ve shared a model in our previous writings. This model was very popular with the ladies. Before that, in our article we shared the construction of a beautiful Tunisian work blanket. You can also browse these models to find out how to make different blankets.

We shared a video of how to make a leaf-patterned blanket model. This model is knitted piece by piece. The model is completed by creating 1 part of the 4 parts. Skewers are used for the construction of the model. The following 14-minute video gives you all the details of making a baby blanket.


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