Making 5 Finger Gloves with 2 Skewers

2 5-finger edging made with skewers. All the details about the construction of the knitted fingered glove can be found here with turkish video narration.

A medium-thick rope has been preferred for the glove, which is knitted with a straight knitting technique and you will adjust it according to the length of the finger.

We’re starting knitting the glove 46 stitches. We start by knitting tires, and if you knit the tire long, it’ll wrap your hand better. If you want it to be like the glove shown in the video, you’ll have to throw 47 stitches and make 20 rows of 1 inverted 1 straight mesh rubber.

Full details about making gloves can be found in the video. You can knit five-fingered gloves so your hands don’t get cold on these cold days. If you want to  make half a fingerless glove, you can also examine the model in his article.

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