Love Ring Knitting Shawl Model

We shared on our site the construction of shawls with the love ring knitting model. If you want to make a shawl, you can do it with the love ring model.

You can make rectangular shawls, scarves, berets and vests with love ring knitting. Alize used a thick rope for its construction. The second rope will be used as a very thin rope as the exact opposite. The thin rope was also used in alize Angora Gold glitter rope. As skewers you were used as a number 6 skewer.

Many knitting techniques are used to make shawls. The love ring knitting model is just one of these techniques. It’s been liked before and it’s been very popular. I hope you like this model.

Sevgi Halkası Örgü Şal Modeli

We shared video the model of the love ring to be used for this shawl sample. The video mentions how to do it briefly and descriptively. You can make a shawl with this magnificent knitting technique that Emel shares on her channel.

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