Love Buds Making Women’s Vest

We share the construction of love buds women’s vests in Turkish video narration. The bridal vest is an example you can use as a mother’s vest.

Hello, dear visitors, in this article we are adding a new one to the women’s vests. The name of our model is the model of love buds. This model was shared by Sevda madam in Turkish video. With this example you can knit bridal vests, mother’s vests and dowry vests.

You get a lot of people who want to make skewers and women’s vests. For those who want to make knitted vests with their skewers, we have been including dozens of narrated models as well as new examples. Although it is not possible to share the narrative of every vest we share, we share the narratives of the most admired examples.

We share the example of the lady’s vest with the love buds because we think you’ll love it. After you have prepared your skewers and vest ropes, you can watch the video below. If you don’t know about skewers and ropes, all of them are mentioned in the video. Let’s see how this stylish vest is made.

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