L’Oréal’s new home-made manufacturing device, Perso, will produce lipstick according to the Influencer you follow

If you recall, in the past months, we have told you about the steps that brands and consumers have taken in the field of techno beauty. L’Oréal has raised the bar in the field of techno beauty with its new Perso device introduced at CES. Designed to be available to users in 2021, Perso enables users to produce their own custom personalized foundation, care cream and lipstick in their homes.

Perso is also run through an app, allowing you to choose lipstick from social media posts. So instead of buying lipsticks recommended by your favorite Influencer, you’ll be able to make the same lipstick color at home.

Perso’s Demo app, introduced at CES, features stock images for now, but the app, which will be released in 2021, will access posts via social media.

Let’s say you can see the makeup products you create dispute on your face with an augmented reality. L’Oréal, which recently launched an innovative campaign using YouTube Virtual Try On, seems to have earned perso’s purchase of ModiFace thanks to its AR feature.

With 3 interchangeable colour cartridges, Perso sprays the right amounts of these three colors to get each desired color. Then the users who combine these three colors get the lipstick color they want. At this point, the cartridges have 30-use lipstick. Those who want to produce foundations in Perso go through a process similar to the production of lipstick. Users can produce the appropriate foundation by scanning the skin color of the application.

The skin care version of the person diagnoses skin problems by scanning your skin from different angles. Then it produces special day and night care creams for you. Perso’s skin care unit cartridges include sunscreen, serum and moisturizer instead of color options.

While the future of cosmetics companies continues to be shaped by techno beauty, it is possible to say that personalization offered with household products will prevent users from going to competitors. And it’s not the only company that makes L’Oréal’s home cosmetics. Coral, which recently received a $4.3 million investment from investment companies, including Y Combinator, is also preparing to produce a home manicure device. It looks like i’m not going to be able to The cosmetics industry is determined to move from the shops to our home, taking artificial intelligence algorithms and augmented reality.

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