Leafy Neck Shawl Construction

Derya Baykal and Smile program guest Sibel Kavaklıoğlu’s leafy neck shawl construction has been added to our site.

We added to our site the construction of the leafy neck shawl shared with us by Sibel Kavaklıoğlu,who is a guest of Derya Baykal and Smile program broadcast on Teve2 screens.


Nako for 400 gr super
Number 4 skewer


Weave with 7 stitches. It is made to increase on one side on the front and back of the knitting. Only the front 1 percent node is cut on the other edge. 5 leaves are made after the harosha. There is a 1.11 increase 3 times at the end of the leaf. Turns 3 times 1 5. it’s a noose. 1.1.1 cuts are made after the leaf is increased 3 times.

Categories:   Knitting Models, Shawls