Leafy Baktüs Shawl Model

You can learn about the technique used in the construction of the shawl with the construction of leafy baktus shawls here. Turkish video baktüs shas construction narration.

Sometimes when we’re cold, and sometimes we’re not handcrafting shawls that we prefer as a good accessory on our clothes? Did you know that you can knit a shawl with knitting in any model? And you can do it with crochet. We share shawl models that even ladies who know a little bit about knitting can knit by looking at the narratives.

Yapraklı Baktüs Şal Modeli

A friend of mine published a knitting shawl model that was asked a lot. I wanted to share the construction of this much-sought-after model from here and satisfy people’s curiosity. The shawl model is called the baktüs model. The shawl is knitted and completed with crochet. There are leaf patterns on the edges of the shawl model.

We shared his video as a convenience to the ladies who want to make baktus shawls. In the video, baktüs is shown in detail the stages of construction of the chassis and how the leaves are made.

Yapraklı Baktüs Şal Modeli

The number of leaves is made in the video 41 then i think a rope is enough I’m doing 45 2 .i’m using a little bit of rope.

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