Leaf Roba Pink Color Knit Baby Dress Model

The making of a baby dress with knitted leaf roba is on this page. Do you want to make little ones a handmade dress in your own hands?

Our friend Nuray asked the ladies for knitting sharing in his special group how to make a knitted dress with a leaf on his robas. When I investigated, I reached the stage of construction on the blog called The Zodiac knitting basket. Knitted dress is a handmade model made for girls.

It’s an opportunity for little ones to make knitted dresses with your own. If you understand a little bit about knitting, you can read and do the construction stages right away.

Yaprak Robali Bebek Elbisesi

The dress, which is adorned with leaf motifs, is very suitable for pink. Of course, you can take different color baby wool ropes and go knitting them.

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