Laying pearls on the edge of writing

Today we’re going to show you the way you pinpearl laying on the writing edge that looks very stylish. Your writing will look better with pearls.

The writing edges are decorated in many ways. it is decorated with needle bales and crochet yayas. Now we will share the model with the needle and pearl laying process will show. You can do this with dowry writings. The process of laying pearls on the side of the writing edge is a very simple process. After receiving writing, needles, ropes and pearls from a weirdo, you can find out how to do this by opening the 4 minute 28 second video on our site. White-cinders will look great on the writing edge.

It’s very simple to lay the envelins with needles on the edge of the writing. If you want to make pearl upholstered manuscripts, you should watch the video. You can lay envehesions on the writing edges in a short time.

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