Latest Fiber Models 2016

We are publishing our 2016 archive of the latest fiber models made by knitting ladies. There are fiber samples you won’t find anywhere else.

We shared 24 samples from among the newly made fibers for you. You won’t find these samples anywhere else. These examples, which we have found to specifically research and share new examples with you, are among the most beautiful fibers we have ever shared. Most of these models are new, which we have shared as new fiber models 2016. The 25 examples we have published to share examples with you are usually motifs. These knitting fibers made with crochet are indispensable in bathrooms. If you are interested in knitting and want to knit fiber, you should definitely check out these models. Because we share the most appreciated models by our visitors here.

Crochet knitting fiber models were made by skilled Anatolian women. We would like to thank them for the fibres that the ingenious ladies have made using their own imagination. Because a lot of women learn samples by looking at these fibers and get ideas. You can make these fibers easily if you know how to braid. You can make fiber in a very simple way. You don’t have to spend a lot of time, you can make 2 fibers in an average of 1 day. I don’t know how to knit, but if you say you want to buy these fibers, fibers are made and sold at prices like 10 TL on average. You can find and contact the ladies who make and sell these fibers and get in touch with them.

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