Krokodil Neck Brace Construction

Crochet knitting and krokodil neck brace construction has been shared on our site with a narrative. If you like knitting, you should try a crocodil neck brace.

We continue to share narrative weaves for our esteemed visitors at full speed. Our now model is crokodil neck brace. I wanted to share with you this amazing example that we have taken from the knitting page with your mother. You will learn how to make a crokodil neck brace with simple methods. We’ve shared a different model before. We now share how the crokodil neck brace is made, both in pictures and in writing. It would be in your best way to learn this wonderful knitting. Let’s all learn how to make this gorgeous neck brace.

Krokodil Boyunluk Yapılışı 1


rope Alize angora gold batik design – 3 no tiğ

1? 8 chains are pulled back and 3-way trabzan is made. 2 chains are pulled and the same place is made a 3-way trabzan…
2? 1 chain is pulled and 2 times crochet rope and the next box is placed on top… 3 chains are pulled up… 5 3-piece trabzans are made to this pole where we do it.
3? 8 chains are pulled and returned… 1 3 trabzans are made and increased to the top of the first tile. 2 chains are pulled and 2 tiles are made… 2 chains in the corner, 2 times crochet rope wrapped on the top of the next tile and 4-pack is made… increased a tile
4? It is continued by making the same of the 2nd row…
FIVE? We make tiles without forgetting to increase the corners…
Six? We make the filled part and continue our knitting like this.

Krokodil Boyunluk Yapılışı 2

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