Knitting Triangle Neck Brace For Women

We’ve given a nice example of the construction of a knitted triangular neck brace for the ladies. Here are the details of the construction of the neck brace with the description of Ms. Noor.

In the construction of the neck brace, the skewer number 8, two ropes of medium thickness were sufficient and the number of stitches was thrown as 35. These measurements are for adults.

The construction of the triangular neck brace was explained by Ms. Nur. Illustrated is shown how it is done. The following pictures and all of the descriptions on them are related to the neck brace. Their measurements are for adults. Don’t be fooled that the neck brace looks small in the picture is a model for adult women.

Friends, I wanted to answer your questions about the neck brace en masse. It’s clear. Skewer number 8, neck brace for adults, pictured small for the boy is supposed to be.
You can scroll through the pictures to the construction phase. No stitches in it, no increment slip, so I knitted it.

I started 35 stitches. I knitted a flat piece. No increments of exclusion. I’ve been marrowing in the last rows. The top 5 rows are 7 rows at the end and the sample brass on the right edge is an example. 20 stitches on the left edge are knitted 2 rows straight and 2 rows inverted. I made a auger with six of the 10 noodles in the middle. I knitted two stitches straight on the sides.

I knitted the buttons on the side, not the beginning.

I folded the other side over it, buttoned the buttons, twisted the collar.

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