Knitting Ski Mask in 4 Hours

Making a knitted ski mask completed in as little as 4 hours. The construction of a ski mask for children to keep their faces and heads warm can be found here.

Making a ski mask made by Ms. Ada Sarim in September and finished in 4 hours. The snow beret he made and finished with his child in one day is very chic. If your child doesn’t have a beret, you can knit them a snow beret with your knitting skewers.

We would like to thank The Lady of September who shared with us the number of stitches she used to make the beret. It is suitable for children of all ages because there is rubber knitting at the bottom of the ski mask knitted with baby wool and number 4 skewers.

4 number skewer-128 node-12 row 4 straight 2 inverted-12 rows 3 straight 2 straight 2 inverted-12 rows 2 straight 2 straight 2 inverted full center 20 stitches cut and 4 rows of sides weave and add 20 stitches in a separate skewer. 12 rows more 2 straight 2 reverse knits. 8 rows 2 straight 1 inverted-8 rows 1 straight 1 inverted knit and sew up and decorate the steep forehead. Because these stitches are rubber models that happen to the child of every age group. It is made of baby wool and knitted with number 4 skewers.

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