Knitting Scarf Beret Construction

We share the making of a knitted scarf doll on request.  We tried to help with the narrative Turkish video where the skewer scarf and beret are knitted together.

Those who want to make knitted scarves and berets can create something better by knitting the two together. You will see the model that emerged from the knitting of the scarf and beret together in the picture below. The scarf beret model you will make will be very useful for babies and children.

The ponponda, which is found on top of a scarf beret made with the burgulu knitting model, looks another beautiful one. You know that a lot of models are made with the auger knitting model. The model scarf, which suits every model, also suits the bee.

We’ve shared beret and scarf narratives before. In this article, we share the construction of a scarf beret for the first time. It’ll be both handy and more elegant to have the two together. You can learn how to make scarf berets with narrated video and start making them.

If you search our site, you can find other scarf and beret descriptions. Since we share this model on request, you can also do it with different knitting techniques. Whichever model you use, the scarf will suit the bereavement.

The model is knitted with a skewer. Ladies who knit with skewers can also easily make scarf berets. You can watch and learn about the making of the most popular scarf beret model by watching the video below.

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