Knitting Refrigerator Ornament Magnet Construction

Knitted refrigerator ornaments and refrigerators will look better. You can make magnets in your refrigerator with ladybugs you will make.

In your spare time knitting, you can make ornaments magnets for your refrigerator. These magnets can make the exterior of your refrigerator even more beautiful. Knitting ladybugs are among the magnets that the ladies have made the most. We share with you the video of the construction of ladybugs made for the refrigerators of Ören.
In our article, we published the construction of ladybugs magnets. In that model, ladybugs were made with bearded rope. In our current article, the ladybugs made with normal wool knitting ropes also look very good.

Among the knitting magnets, the most preferred models are magnets such as animal, flower and baby dresses. If you are interested in knitting, you can decorate the refrigerator with these magnets.

Örgü Buzdolabı Süsü

Ören madam’s knitting magnet was published in Turkish video with a 21-minute video. With this video you will learn the stages of crochet refrigerator ornament construction and learn the details.

We can continue sharing knitted refrigerator ornaments based on the number of likes of this model. If there’s a lot of likes, we’ll share different magnets from now on.

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