Knitting Pike or Bedspread Construction

We shared the motif knitting that you can use as a weave and a dive or bed spread. The construction of motifs made with chickpea sample is on our site!

We have included the construction of this motif, which you can also use as a pike or bed spread made with chickpea knitting model. You can use this knitting model, which can be made in one color or two colors, if you wish, to make a dive. This knitting model can be used when making dowry pikes. There may be those who want to use it as a bedspread and not pike.

For those looking for knitting dive sets, knitting bedroom set construction, this model we share is done with crochet. This model, which was broadcast on Ören Bayan channel, was shared on request. Handcrafted hobbies site for visitors we uploaded to the site.  in our article there were pike teams. There i was there asking how it was done by writing a comment. Right now, we’re just putting in the construction of knitting dives. in the future, we will also share the construction of lacy dive teams.

Örgü Pike Takımı veya Yatak Odası

Now, whatever area you’re going to use, you have to do the motifs with crochet first and then complete them by combining them. Do the motifs one by one with crochet. The motifs are made in the video!

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