Knitting Peanut Beret

With the arrival of cold days, the use of berets is increasing. People who cover their heads with berets are trying to avoid the cold. You can also knit yourself a beret after learning how to make a beret in our case. A very easy-to-make knitting model made with pistachio knitting beret made for you in Turkish video here.

There are hundreds of knitting models for those who want to make knitting berets, and there are hundreds of beret models, and we don’t know which beret you want to use, but we’re going to include a beret model that everyone can like. You can knit a simple but beautiful looking beret with pistachio beret. Of course, first you have to learn how to do it. This beret is described in a very simple way on the Ören lady channel.

Again, we’ve  included a model made with a peanut knitting model. The peanuts in that model were made diagonally. The knitted peanuts in this model are made flat. You can knit the pistachio beret made with a flat model, whether it’s a single color or a double color.

It’s a knitted beret that both men and women can use. The model is suitable for children. You know how easy it is to make crochet vests. If you’re dealing with knitting, you’ve already seen that it’s very simple. And the model of a peanut beret is crocheted.

The Turkish video is below. The video time of making pistachio berets is 26 minutes. Learning how to make a beret in 26 minutes is an opportunity for you.


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