Knitting Owl Beret Making

For those looking to make a beret with knitted owls, we shared the making of a beret with an owl as described by crochet. You can make owl berets for your children.

If you want to make a knitted beret for the little ones, you can try the owl beret. Your children will love the crocheted owl beret. You will keep them both warm and happy with the berets you will make.

The example of the owl beret was taken from the lady’s instagram page cigdem Yasbay.

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Baykuşlu Bere

If we’re ready to make an owl beret, we’ll start:

Number 5 skewer (number 4 for child height)
The numbers will be the same in the child size only shrink ing number ??
if your ropes are ready;
We’re starting 102 stitches ✅
12 rows 2 inverted 2 straight… 2 inverted 2 straight … we’re knitting

At the front of our knitting;

34 inverted-10 inverted -2 straight-10 brass (1 straight 1 inverted 1 straight 1 inverted ….)-2 straight -10 inverted _ 34
34 straight at the back, so this part will be harosha.
10 inverted so that 10 tep reverses will remain inverted 2 inverted (will stand straight from the front) 10 brass again flat on top of the flats in reverse sinvers …… you can look at it in photos…
When there are six rows of harosha from the sides;
From the front of the two sides we make 6 nooses 1 ör 1 cut 1 orb 1 cut we are knitting until the end of the row and we are making the last 6 nodes again 1 orb 1 cut 1 cut …
We’re knitting it without cutting the back again.

The same process ✅ the same process again in the front

(We’re going to do this cutting until there’s 80 stitches left in our shuffle, always from the front)
After 16 rows, our owl 3-3 (6 stitches) to the right
2 stitches straight ör 3-3 stitches are doing the burmese process in the form of left ….
After knitting the owl part 7 rows straighter, we do the burmese process again….
So your model is finished….
We knit two rows of harosha and we knit the top 8 rows straight, there will be 80 stitches in our shingles ??
And the cutting part of our beret is that it’s not the same.
1 in 8 stitches … cut to the end of the order
We knit it without cutting it from the back.
1 ….cut in 7 stitches

We knit it without cutting it off from the araka.

1 in 6 stitches ….
1 in 5 stitches…..
1 in 4 stitches…..
1 in 3 stitches…..
1 in 2 stitches…..
1 node 1…..
2-2-2 cut and collect the remaining nodes with crochet ✅
We are sewing the back part up to the harosha and the rest will remain open …
I’m going to throw his photo at the back, ✅
Come easy to those who will do ??
If I can’t keep up with your questions, i’ll try to write as much as I can, you can do it by looking at the photo, ✅
I’d appreciate it if you’d label me on the last berets you made so I could see them.
Stay with love, let’s have a week with lots of owls ❤️

Baykuşlu Pembe Bere

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