Knitting Model Vest Made with A Rolling Pin

Making a vest with a knitting model made with a rolling pin. Dear ladies, are you up to knitting vests with a knitted model made using a rolling pin?

I hope you don’t want to knit with a rolling pin. And it’s so beautiful, your eyes will dazzle. Below, we shared knitting models made with a rolling pin. When you see these, you’ll want to know how to do it right away.

Oklava Örgü

We have previously shared the example of the motif with Oklava on our page. The example of a rolling pin adapted to a beautiful vest was requested by many people. So we didn’t break our followers and we wanted to share the model’s construction. We shared it with the video so they could understand it more easily.

Oklava Örgü

We share the construction of the knitting model knitted with the rope of Rolling pin and Angora. You need to adjust the size of the vest and adjust the motif accordingly. The motifs are made with crochet and rolling pin assist.

Oklava Örgü

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