Knitting Flywheel Flowering Fiber Construction

Crochet-shaped knitted flywheel flowered fiber construction with detailed descriptions on our site. Narration fiber models are available on our site as video.

If you like two layers of fiber silk like I do, I’m sure you’ll like this example. We shared the most beautiful of the folded fibers. We have published the oil ingstages of our flowerfiber sample, also called the flywheel fiber model, in Turkish video.

You can put the model of the wheelbby fiber, which is beautiful lye of dowry, in the groom’s and bridal bundles. Usually those who put fiber in dowry bundles have a difficult time in terms of models. You can easily put this model in the bundle. Once you have learned how to make a new model of flywheel fiber, you will be able to do it easily.

Volanlı Lif Modeli

Let’s come to the construction of this beautiful specimen. When you have free time, you can start the 20-minute knitting video on the network and learn how to do it.

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