Knitting Etol Shawl Making

We continue to publish narrative shawls with the making of knitted etol shawls. If you want to make a rectangular shawl, please visit our site.

Alize glitter rope is used. The one with and without the tint is also used. This model is a rectangular shawl, you’re pulling as many chains as you want. You start your business by pulling chains of any size. For those of you who don’t know how to do the edge, we’ve also published the construction of the edge.

We’ve published dozens of models on the page for ladies who want to make shawls. Shawls that are among the jobs that the ladies who start knitting want to do are published on our site as a narrative. For those who want to make etol shawls, we have published in detail. You could call it a rectangular shawl. Ladies looking for rectangular shawl construction may prefer the etol shawl model. It is made with pistachio knitting. The video below details the making of etol wrap.

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