Knitting-Eared Beret Making

For children, the construction of a beret with knitted ears, which should start from the top, has been published on our website. You can make eared berets for your children with this model.

If you want to make little ones a beret with ears, you’re in the right place. In this article, the making of beret with ears was shared in video. On cold days, you can make them a cute-eared beret to protect both the heads and ears from the cold. You can make the little ones warm in the berets you will make with knitting.

We need wool rope and 2 bottles to make knitted berets. Number 4 is a skewer number. I think ladies who like shish will love this model too. It’s not as hard as it looks from the outside to make a beret with ears. It’s very simple to do. If you watch the video anyway, you’ll see how easy it is. Now let’s talk about how it’s done.

The beret model is made with skewers. you can do it for adults or for children. We start knitting by stitching 9 stitches. At the beginning of the first row, it will be knitted upside down.

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