Knitting double-sided baklava slice baby blanket

Making a double-sided baby blanket made with baklava slice knitting technique. We’ve added another one to the narrative category of baby blankets.

How would you like to wrap your baby with blankets made with your own hands? You can keep babies warm by making crochet blankets.

We share the construction of a two-sided baby blanket made with baklava knitting technique belonging to Selma Tozan. This example of a blanket that Ms. Selma photographed one by one can be made by crochet-speaking ladies. Those who are looking for easy baby blankets should take a look at this model.

I liked the blanket model we encountered when we were thinking about what to knit during these months when we started knitting. I’m already starting to do it. I’ve decided to add it here so my visitors can do it. I’ve shared a few pictures and narration. If you look at the pictures, you’ll figure out how to do it closely. How about knitting a blanket with your sting using different color ropes depending on your baby’s sex? If you send us blanket pictures you have made via the hobby page, we can share them on the page.

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