Knitting Children’s Shoes

For those looking for knitting children’s shoes, we shared the narrative of children’s sandals. With this beautiful example you can knit booties for your children.

It’s easy to make children’s booties with knitting. You can easily make a lot of models if you’re a little bit of a knitting business.  We shared the model. Now we share how a similar model is made for children. Those who want to make children’s shoes can choose this model.

I started 3 nodes, i reached 27 nooses by increasing each order, I knitted 10 more teeth two rows, I knitted the top 7 nooses, the rest 2 inverted, 2 5 teeth as flat, weaved the colored part again and cut the colored part of 10 rows again and cut it up until the rest of the 3 nodes are very easy and beautiful children’s sandals… Make it easy

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