Knitting Boy’s Vest Construction

It was a very frequently asked model to make a boy’s vest. You can knit a knitted vest for your children using the information we share. We can’t thank um madam who told us in detail about the construction of the vest that was knitted as a whole. If you want to make this vest, which um has broadcast on the Knitting House channel, you can find the number of stitches below.


Vest 2 years old and knitted whole
2 swallow snowballs baby one
Number 4 skewer

Erkek Çocuk Yeleği Yapılışı 1

Total stitches 174
Body width 31cm
Height 37 cm
we first marrowed in the sixth grade. We open in the queue, other marrow breaks 6.5 cm total 4 marrow
Our augers are made up of 6 nodes, with two inverted nodes on their sides 9. We’re doing our next thing.
After 14 rows of rubber, we set our pockets with 14 stitches and we knit 10 rows.
The question that is asked a lot is that there is no cutting under the arm, a 30 stitch escarpment with the tire on the arm
We cut it until it happens.
from arm to 22 cm arm to shoulder 15 cm

Erkek Çocuk Yeleği Yapılışı 2

It’s a very stylish vest that we put together with the front and back of the shoulders, which we just sewed up. You can look at the technique of joining shoulders by knitting from youtuba. Come on, ladies come easy, I’d be happy if the knitters shared it with me, goodbye with love.

rope 2 snowball baby one 2 years
23 cm up to the arm, 14 cm from arm to shoulder
Body width 31 cm
Height 37 cm

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