Knitting Boat Boot Construction

We are here with crochet knit tying boot boots. On cold winter days, knit boot boots for your babies to keep their feet warm.


rope : Nako diamond (fuchsia and light pink)
Snowball mama lamb cream color
Crochet: 2.5 number knitting
4 buttons
The booty is suitable for 6-12 months.

Once you have prepared the materials above, follow the steps below for the construction of the boot boot boot.

Örgü bot patik yapılışı 1

1) Make 20 chain pulls .1.1.10 sk igne , 8 trabzans. Fill the last chain with 7 trabzans.
Then fill 8 trabzan,9 sk needles, 3 sk needles in the last chain and combine.
2) Go up with 3 chains. Make 18 will be 14 double batin (auction) to the trabzans we fill 7 at the time. Then make 17 tabs. Double sink into each of the 3 1st row needles in the heel section and make 6 (increment). In the latest chain, make a trabzan at the bottom and close it.
3) Make 17 trabzans,
1 pair (auction)
1 trabzan
1 pair (auction)
1 trabzan
1 pair (auction)
1 trabzan
1 pair (auction)
1 trabzan
1 pair (auction)
1 trabzan
1 pair (auction)
1 trabzan
1 pair (increase)
1 trabzan
1 pair (auction) Then make 16 trabzan.
1 pair (auction)
1 trabzan
1 pair (auction)
1 trabzan
1 pair (auction)
1 trabzan
1 pair (auction)
Make and combine 2 trabzans
Don’t break the rope when our base is finished. The next image shows the narration of the next sequence.

Örgü bot patik yapılışı 2

We’re going to the next line after the base… After 2 chains go up, we’ll scroll to the end of the queue, the amigurimide is technically called cc die.
How are we going to do that?
We sank without taking a rope on top of our wet (picture1 see)
Then we put the rope on top of the we pulled it towards us (picture2 see)
When we remove two nodes, we pull the noose from the other (picture3 see)
In this way, we continue the queue to the end (picture4 see) and combine. All my joins on the trail are cc-shaped.
Then we pull two chains and we do frequent injections by sinking into the cc we’re doing at the bottom so that the opposite side of the pin looks at us… (picture5 see)Do not shoot frequently when sliding, pull it quite abundantly so that it does not collect the base ?
And we put it together and we break our rope.

Örgü bot patik yapılışı 3

So we’re going to the next line after the base?

1) 3 rows without increments or reductions, some half trabzan says we knit ?.

How to make a fake trabzan?
We take our rope on top of it, we sink, we take the rope on top, and we pull it all out and we create our fake trabsan.
2) 4. In order to start 17 knock-off t. Orun and cut process we will make 14 cuts.

How to cut with a fake trabz?
Take the rope on the spinning, the west is pulled on top of the rope, there are 3 stitches, these 3 stitches we sink into the next sk.needle, we take it on top of it and pull 4 stitches (rsmm1 baknz) and all of you suddenly pull the rope on top of the sieve.

Then we combine with 24 crabzan orup cc.
3) 5. We’re doing 15 fake t. Orun, then one trabzan. Then we make 8 3-pointers and cut them.

How to cut with a 3-pack?
We fill the rope twice on top of the blade, we sink, and when we pull it twice, we go around the crochet twice with the remaining stitches, sink the fake t. next to it, and pull it twice, and when we do, we pull all the remaining stitches (3 stitches left).

After making 8 cuts, make 1 trabzan, 22 lighter t. Combine with cc.

4) 6. We make 5 cuts with 14 fake t. Orun.then 1 trabzan and 2-trabz.21 lighter t.we close the queue with cc.we break our rope.
Let it be easy for the next stage to be in the next photo

Örgü bot patik yapılışı 4

And the last part of the path is the 19th century, counting back (right) from where we broke the ? rope. We’re going to the noose and we’re going up with three chains, we’re doing 34 trabzans.
Pull 3 chains and return to the bottom then again 34 trabzan orun . That’s how we knit five rows and break our rope.

How is the language made?

We put our rope on ten sides for the tongue, take the only back wings of the nodes with 9 trabzins and increase them to a total of 16 trabzans (i.e. we have increased it 7 times) we knit 8 rows and break the rope.
Then #kartopu and we’re pulling our rope by the right side of the pin. Don’t forget to burn the end of the snowball rope ? we come and we knit it by jumping until the end of the queue.

To make the lace part at the end, pull 50-55 chains, then return and apply the process of sliding into the chain. Then break the rope, fold the chain in half, leave the hole part, sew it up and mount it on the skate. Sew the buttons on the other part. Only right – sew up by paying attention to the left parts and use goodbye when we ? and we’re out of our shoes.
In the next image, I’ll share how many centimeters a foot number is. Once you’ve finished the entire base, you’ll be measuring.

Örgü bot patik yapılışı 5

Finally, I share my painting where I get an answer to the question of how many centimeters my foot number is. You can take advantage of this table when setting up the foot number.

Örgü bot patik yapılışı 6

Örgü bot patik yapılışı 6

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