Knitting Baby Beret Making (Illustrated)

For those looking for knitting baby beret, we shared the construction of baby berets with skewer work in illustrated narratives. How about knitting berets for little ones?

Example Lerzan Knitting is an excerpt from the instagram page.

Today I share the making of hats for babies with 3-4 photos❤
Rope in the color you want ,5 no: skewer
For 1-2 years; (30 stitches for 0-6 months)
We start with the rope that we’re going to remove and discard 36 stitches. Then, with our rope, we knit 10 teeth upwards, while increasing from the right side, cutting the one on the left. As you can see in the photo. .. you can see the merge photo immediately afterwards.

Örgü bebek bere yapılışı 1

I told you we’re going to dismantle it and throw it away? Ip. .. That’s exactly how I dismantled it. There’s more. …

Örgü bebek bere yapılışı 2

Who doesn’t know that? I shared it anyway. The combination of the top part is in the next photo

Örgü bebek bere yapılışı 3

Do you need to say anything? Please read the description at the bottom of the photos. Simple and easy you can do ?

Örgü bebek bere yapılışı 4

The finished final version of the hat. ❤ your comments matter to me? I had a punand a brit. I love knitting and I love people who like knitting, let’s make coffee☕

Örgü bebek bere yapılışı 5


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