Knitting Babet Shoe Making

Our knit tbsp shoe article contains a crochet booty model that you can wear at home. It’s an example you can use as a shoe in the house.

We’re adding another one to the crochet booty models. Once you’ve made this model, you won’t have to wear slippers in your home. You’ll be able to use it as both booty and home shoes. It’s as easy as booty construction. Ladies who know how to crochet can start wearing these shoes and start wearing them right away. If you’re doing dowry, we suggest you make a few of this model. Even if you don’t know knitting, you can watch the knitting video and knit it out of babet shoes.

In the video shared by Ören lady, materials used in knitting babet construction, knitting techniques and more information are given. The duration of the video is 50 minutes. Don’t be too tired because it’s long. If you like to make booties, you can also knit this babe shoe which you can complete by doing it in a short time.

Below is the video of the construction of the knitted babet shoe model. Now, for those who want to know how to do it, watch the video below.

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