Knitting Applique Model Illustrated

You can create a wide variety of models such as leaves, flowers and bows from knitting appliqué models. You can also use these motifs as decorative material on everything from bags to socks to dresses. Let’s look at how to make these wonderful knitted applique models, how to remove motifs from knitting applique models in detail.

We usually make knitting appliqués with ropes that match the thickness of the crochet. The most common mesh applique models are flowers with leaves. If you want flower appliqués that can be worn on the collar of the dress, such as felt brooches, you can also knit them with thick rope and skewers. However, we know that it is much easier to make shapes in crochet knitting motifs.

In the video below, you can see the creation of a floral motif from the knitting applique models. In our next writings, we will share with you an example of how other motifs are made.

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