Knitted Puff Making Narrated Video

Knitted puff models are easy-to-make, convenient and stylish decorative products that you can easily use in home décor.  Even by spending half an hour from evening to evening, you can use these puffs as decorative products or to sit on them. We prepared the knitting puff production for you with a narrative video. You can do the same as the pufun in this video, or you can do the different ones.

We shared their information with our previous writings. These were mostly work to recycle household items. In this article, we show what it would be like to make large knitted puffs with knitted cushion puff models. You can knit knitted puffs from comb edifying ropes if you like. You can also knit different ropes like a mat. If you want to use normal ropes, you can make a few layers of the thin ones and then start knitting puffs. For fast reproduction, you should use a crochet that is not too thick compared to thick rope and rope. You can also buy knitted puff models from many places, ready to make them easily yourself.

The video below shows the knitting puff-making narrative.

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