Knit Wrap Models 2018 more than 40 most beautiful shawl examples

Today, many people prefer and very stylish looking knitted shawl models were collected in our 2018 article. Crochet shawl samples can be found here.

Our young people are curious about the knitting that our elders used to do. They also bring tears to the tears with the knitting models they have made. Our young people who can make very nice braids can meet many clothing needs with the knitting they have made. Knitted shawl models are just one of them. I don’t suppose there’s anyone who doesn’t care if we knit with hand-knitted shawl models made using crochet. Different knitting techniques are used in the construction of knitted shawls which can be used in all seasons. Different knitting shawls are made with the knitting techniques used.

The shawls used daily are the preferences of both our young people and our elderly. It can be used to avoid getting the cool of the air on cool days. Or knitted shawls may be preferred as accessories to your dress. The area of use depends entirely on your preference.

The shawl you will take on a dress you wear in everyday life will make you look more elegant. You can combine it with light shawls on dark dresses and dark shawls on light dresses.

There are examples of shawls that we have previously published in a narrative way. These have been shared in detail for you knitting lovers. Those looking for an easy shawl model can learn how to make them with the narrative shawls we publish. We share the narrative and the most beautiful shawl models;

There are those made using new knitting techniques. Among the new examples, the most widely made model is lacy shawl models. Derya baikal shawl models are also frequently made recently. You can find it on Youtube. You can reach the construction of shawls with their descriptions of knitting models. All of the models in the knitting shawl samples pictures that we publish below are new shawl models.

The most preferred shawl models are;

The shawls we wrote above are the most sought-after shawl models. If you go to the bottom, we’ve shared a total of 40 models as an example of these shawls.

Crochet can make very nice shawls. Although the crochet number varies for each shawl, the shawls made with wool ropes look very nice. The ip brand used in many models we share is alize.

You can make your own weaves that you can use both in daily life and on special occasions. If you are interested in knitting, narrated knitting will help you. Models described in short videos will educate you about knitting. Whatever you want to knit can be searched and built on our site.

Shawls are made more beautifully by decorating them with motifs and patterns. The shawls made by processing flowers, leaves and different motifs look sweeter.

Make money selling the knitting you made. The average price of a knitted horse ranges from 100 to 200TL. If you have a lot of free time and you’re a housewife, you can develop yourself in knitting and make a lot of handmade products. Although it is sold abroad at more prices, prices in our country are a bit low. But it makes more sense to knit and sell than to sit idle at home. You can also meet some of your needs by selling the knits you have made.

Start from your own circle to sell. First, open yourself facebook and instagram pages. Share photos and price of the products you have made here. Invite people around you to follow your social media accounts. As your number of followers increases, so will the number of likes. And as the number of followers increases, the more you share your knitting, and the rate at which you receive orders will increase. Make it clear that the photos you’ve uploaded to social media are clear.

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