Knit Star Wrap Making

You’re going to love this star wrap model that’s just a chain pull. Although it may seem more suitable for scarves and scarves, very different designs will emerge from your imagination.

We continue the knitting shawl narration with the star model. The star shawl model, which is made only by pulling chains, is made by crochet. It’s a good opportunity for crochet shawl seekers. This model, which is usually used for scarf scarves and shawls, can also reveal different models according to your imagination.

Since it is one of the most sought after models of shawl models, we added it to our site. Elif Yasar our friend made a shawl with this model and the shawl model is also very beautiful. When I asked him what model he was, he said it was a star shawl. And when I called on YouTube, I saw the model running on the Little Knitting House channel, and I added it here.

The short video below illustrates the star wrap made by pulling a crochet chain. First, look at how the star is made. Don’t start knitting until you’ve seen the video.

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