Knit Leaf Neck Brace Construction

For those who want to make knitted neck braids, we have shared the construction of a leafy neck brace. You can protect yourself from the cold by making knitted neck braids.

In this article we will teach you how to make knitted neck brace. Below you will see the materials needed for the construction of a leafy neck brace and how it is done. If you want to make knitted neck braids with number 6 skewer, follow the steps below.

I double-layered the alize chain rope and knitted it with 6 no skewers.1 swallow was enough.
Start 15 stitches with 6 no skewers
1st place. (right side)12 straight,1 dola,1 straight,1 doll,2 straight
2nd row:6 inverted,1 stitch 2 stitches,10 straight
3rd row.11 straight,1 inverted,2 straight,1 dola,1 flat,1 dola,3 straight
4th row.8 inverted,1 stitch 2 stitches,11 straight
5th row.11 straight,2 inverted,3 straight,1 dola,1 flat,1 dola,4 straight
6th row.10 inverted,1 stitch 2 stitches,12 straight
7th row.11 straight,3 inverted,4 straight,1 dola,1 flat,1 dola,5 straight
8.row.12 inverted,1 stitch 2 stitches,13 straight
9th row.11 straight,4 inverted,left cut 2,7 straight,right 2li cut,1 straight
10th row.10 inverted,1 stitch 2 stitches,14 straight
11th row:11 straight,5 inverted,left cut 2,5 straight,right 2li cut,1 straight
12th row:8 inverted,1 stitch 2 stitches,2 straight,1ters,12 straight
13th row:11 straight,1 inverted,1 straight,4 inverted,cut 2li to right,3 straight,left 2li cut,1 straight
14th row.6 inverted,1 stitch 2 stitches,3 straight,1 inverted,12 straight
15th row:11 straight,1 inverted,1 straight,5 inverted,cut 2 li to right,1 straight,12 straight
16.row.4 inverted,1 stitch 2 stitches,4 straight,1 inverted,12 straight
17th row:11 straight,1 inverted,1 straight,6 inverted,3-cut,1 straight
18th row: cut 2 from reverse, cut 5 more times,3 inverted,11 straight

Repeat these 18 rows seven more times.

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