Knit cardigan collar construction

We wanted to help those who say how to make cardigan collars with the making of knitted cardigan collars. For those who want to make baby cardigans, cardigan construction is on our site.

We share this article to show those who are curious about making knitted cardigan collars how to do it.  We have published the details of the construction of knitted cardigan collar scribes for you on our site.

You will be your assistant in vests and cardigans starting from the collar with the cardigan collar construction which will be useful for you when making cardigans and vests.

I’ve had more people ask about the cardigan collar than you, so I’m going to try to illustrate the way it’s done, and I hope I can do it. rope nako luxury minnosh, shaft 3.5 number
We start with 50 noose for 1.5 years, we knit 9 rows…

Now we pull a 2nd ordinary noose from the bottom and cut it, then slowly separate the two pieces with the help of miles until they are separated.

Now we attach idle nodes to the shaft, and after we’ve done that, we take another mile and we weave the noodles in front straight, we weave the nooses in the back upside down, so that they’re all 100 noodles with one mile…  We knit 3 harosha and open the button hole on the right side…  Now you can do whatever model you want to follow the collar ok… I hope I’ve made it clear.

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