Kilim Patterned Tunisian work Annotated Women’s Booty Construction

Tunisian-made rug patterned 2 different color rope knitted with the construction of women’s booties should be explained. For those looking for a recipe for miss shoes, we share this elegant paly.

The rug-patterned booty model, woven with green and white booty rope, is knitted with Tunisian knitting technique. You can also crochet this model, which is knitted with number 2 Tunisian skewers, but it is troublesome. Our advice is to knit with Tunisian skewers.

This is started from the nose in the construction of the path. The increment is made and the base and heel part are finished together. Details are already shown in the video we shared.

Tunus işi kilim patik modeli

We share the construction of the booties that we use to wear to our feet during the winter months. The video-narrated booty models that we have published are shown with video for you. You can start watching immediately by entering the path page you want to make and opening the bottom video.

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