Jesse Eisenberg, star of The Social Network, explains why he deleted Facebook

In an interview with Chris Kornelis, Jesse Eisenberg shared details of his personal life and explained why he stayed away from social networks such as Facebook.

Eisenberg, who said he does not normally use social media apps, said he signed up for Facebook under a false name during rehearsals for The Social Network. We can tell Eisenberg that it would be irresponsible not to know the product that his character revealed, and that the 10-minute window was enough to get to know the product.

Eisenberg said he received an automated email from Facebook suggesting friends after he signed up, but said that Facebook’s brother recommended his best friend in high school, even though he signed up under an alias.

Eisenberg said he removed the app because he didn’t want to give Facebook any more information.

In the interview, Eisenberg explained that he was constantly traveling with his family, and also talked about the apps he used and the podcasts he listened to. Eisenberg said he donated blood every 52 days, so he often used the Blood Donor American Red Cross app.

Eisenberg reminded that they have to find different parking spaces in different cities because they are constantly traveling, and said that they use spothero for this job. Eisenberg also said he often rides bicycles in the new cities they travel to, and that he prefers the bike-sharing app Citi Bike. Meanwhile, the NBA app is one of Eisenberg’s favourites. Eisenberg’s favorite podcast is The Gist, presented by Mike Pesca.


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